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Supporting PSO Growth

Professional Services Organisations focus on clients with little time to develop their own process & systems. But growing PSOs need efficient end-to-end operations and accurate forecasting …

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Value From Transformation

How do you know that your critical transformation programmes will deliver the expected outcomes and benefits?

Benefit Realisation

The Sound of Change

You have a strategy and you understand those critical things that need to change but are you bringing your people with you?

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Winning Ways For SMEs

Government is encouraging SMEs but the bid process can be overwhelming and profitable delivery hard to achieve …

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Opportunities at Felber Consulting

We are looking for people to join our vibrant, collaborative Kimble team …

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If you think you could benefit from Kimble Professional Services Management take a look at this latest fun video which gives an overview or check out this 4 minute video which shows some of the great features and benefits of Kimble.

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Taking the right first step with Wovex Realisor depends on a number of factors. For many people wanting a quick and simple start then it will be clear that the requirement is, for example, basic benefit mapping or perhaps entry level input, tracking and reporting of benefits. This can normally be determined through a demonstration and discussion of requirement and objectives.

In some cases we are happy to organise a short 1 to 2 week free trial to help you decide on your exact requirements and we will also consider undertaking a proof of concept if your requirements are more complex.

Just contact us and we can work out the best approach.

Our Kimble team supports clients in Europe and worldwide combining many years of experience of Professional Services Management and Business Transformation with Salesforce and Kimble implementation capabilities built over the last 6 years of working in partnership with Kimble Applications.

Paul VineyAntje Strauch, Diane Prime and Simon Teale are based in the UK, Emily Souza in the Netherlands and Fady Kassab in Finland.

We are proud of our partnerships. We are premier partner to both Kimble Applications and Wovex – meaning we can bring world-class solutions for Professional Services Management and Benefit Realisation (Realisor®) to our clients.

As the foundation Wovex partner in the UK we also have a partnership with BizFits the premier Wovex partner in the Benelux.

We have always valued our SME partnerships developed through our Bid Support and Consulting-As-A-Service capabilities.

The Felber team have undertaken over 100 Kimble implementation, post-implementation and support engagements for over 70 clients in 16 countries and territories.

Kimble is the fastest growing solution for Professional Services Management. It is a G2 Crowd High Performer with the highest customer satisfaction rating of all major PSAs and the highest combined G2 Crowd score. There are over 180 customers and 34,000 users of Kimble worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you on the UK Government G-Cloud Framework?
Yes we are have been on G-Cloud since G-Cloud 5 in 2014. You can find our current G-Cloud 9 services on the Government Digital Marketplace.
How do I organise a Kimble or Realisor demo?
It’s very easy just contact us at info@felberc.com or give us a call on +44 (02) 208432 4550. We are very happy to organise a face-to-face or on-line demo, whichever is more convenient.
Do you offer & deliver your services globally?

Yes we do. In some cases we have partners who we would work with in certain areas such as BizFits in the Benelux.

We have implemented Kimble in 15 different countries and territories and have Associates based in the UK, central and northern Europe.

What kind of customers do you work with?
We work with customers from micro and small businesses through to large corporates and government departments. Our customers have the ambition to grow revenue, to improve delivery of services, to streamline operations or to invest in and lead successful change.
What skills do I need to become a member of the Felber Consulting team?
We are actively looking for people to join our Kimble implementation team. If you have professional services management experience and you have used Kimble PSA in some capacity do get in touch.
Do you have an Associate programme?
Yes we work with a great team of Associates that we get to know and trust. Call us if you would like initially to become a member of our Associate network.

We are proud to be working together with…

Partnering for Significant Win at HM Treasury

” Felber Consulting staff integrated extremely well with the bid and delivery teams within our organisation, providing timely flexible support for the HM Treasury tender and helping Centerprise to secure this prestigious Government account ”

Jez Nash

Head of Systems Integration , Centerprise International

Placing Logistics at the Heart of the Organisation

” Felber’s agile, highly visual, outcome-based approach rapidly engaged staff from the Board to the front-line, many of whom were sceptical due to the more directive approaches used in the past ”

Head of HR Strategic Delivery, Uk Government Department

Working with Care


” Felber worked very well with our team to help us secure key Public Sector contracts …. with early success ”

Anne-Marie Perry

CEO , AbiCare

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