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Why Use Wovex Realisor?

Driving value from your critical business transformation / change programme

You have embarked on a transformation programme but do not have clear ‘line of sight’ from your projects and programmes through to those crucial business outcomes that will deliver your organisation’s strategic objectives.

  • How do you know if your portfolio of programmes and projects will really deliver your key end goals and strategic outcomes?
  • Are you doing too much?
  • What could be cut and still allow you, with confidence, to achieve the most important business outcomes?
  • Do you actually know about everything that is going on and how it all fits together?
  • Are all the key stakeholders aware and supportive of the programme and its goals?

Creating the case for transformation / change

You are at the early stages of defining and shaping a transformation programme that will create the capabilities to enable your organisation to meet its strategic goals and increased revenue targets.

  • How do you develop a sound business case and build meaningful scenarios – that will support the right decisions on where to invest precious resources?
  • Are you really considering the different levels of capability that you need over time – because initially building a basic capability may be enough – you don’t always need to go for for the costly premium option!

Creating a value-for-money bid & a sound platform for successful delivery

You are undertaking a complex bid and your potential client is not convinced that your proposal gives them value for money.

  • How do you demonstrate that what you are proposing will meet their needs?
  • How do you demonstrate to the client that perhaps they are being over ambitious for the available budget?

Using Realisor to differentiate your professional services offerings

You are an organisation that offers ‘professional services’ to customers such as audit and health checks.

Why not use Realisor as an integral part of your offering? For example you could develop best practice business outcomes for a particular set of customers and look for evidence of the right levels of existing capabilities and / or sufficient investment in the right projects and programmes that will fill the gap.

We Can Support You To Use Realisor To Address A Range of Business Challenges

Above are some of the specific business situations in which Realisor can help drive real value. However Realisor can add value in any situation that presents an organisation with the following business challenges …

  • Unclear what to do to drive change
  • Not enough benefit delivered
  • Risk that benefits may not be achieved
  • Cost to manage benefits too high
  • Situation is too complex to manage
  • Stakeholders are not supportive
  • Tools to support benefit realisation are not fit for purpose
  • Gap between actual and required benefits management capability.

By engaging Felber Consulting you will have the support of experienced consultants to help train, coach and inspire you to use the highly visual Realisor® solution to address these challenges in the most appropriate way.

We will work at all levels of your organisation from Board level (Challenges 1,2,3), to Manager level (Challenges 4,5,6) to Practitioner level (Challenges 7 and 8). And we will work with you to ensure that you achieve early, visible results and that you rapidly increase your self-reliance and ability to use cloud-based Realisor® to achieve your business goals.