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Why Invest In Benefit Realisation?

Realisor benefit realisation will help to significantly reduce the risk of over-ambitious, wrongly-directed or insufficient investment in those capabilities that are required to deliver your business goals. It will give you the confidence that you will realise planned benefits at company, portfolio, programme or project level. It can also be used pro-actively to build your strategy, to create realistic, effective business cases and to help shape and scope outcome-based procurements and contracts.

  • helping you to understand the contribution and impact of your investments on your critical business outcomes
  • enabling you to define and evaluate the different options you have and the trade-offs you may need to make to ensure successful delivery
  • providing you with a framework to track your progress, resolve issues early and to hone and adapt as new challenges arise
  • ensuring that you can track and monitor the non-financial as well as the financial outcomes and benefits.