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What’s New In Realisor Version 4?

With Realisor 4 you can achieve even greater benefit realisation across your projects and programmes and ensure successful achievement of objectives at portfolio, department and enterprise level.

Realisor Version 4 brings many more collaboration, consolidation, customisation and real-time performance enhancements that result in a tool that can meet the needs of both small and large organisations allowing teams to create a tailored benefit realisation approach to suit situation, scope, budget and ambition.

Co-Creating Benefit Maps & Collaboration
Capturing the knowledge and ideas from across your team and broader organisation

  • Build benefit maps with team members
  • Synchronise benefit maps and see immediate updates
  • Build additional views to share with co-creating team members on the desktop
  • Share main map and other views with other interested parties outside the team via the cloud
  • Give access to cloud views and collaboration to certain parties outside the team for review and comment

Choosing And Adapting The Right Way Forward With Scenario
Building options, making trade-offs and really understanding the implications of your chosen way forward

  • Develop scenarios to explore the different ways you can achieve your objectives over time
  • Fine-tune these scenarios to make further trade-offs and to test relative contribution of your initiatives and the capabilities you are planning to build
  • Develop understanding of which initiatives and capabilities will contribute most to your goals and which contribute least
  • Review the range of on-screen comparison charts to see implications for cost and both financial and non-financial benefit delivery
  • Add confidence levels to see the impact on cost and benefit delivery
  • Use the on-screen simulator to show the profile of benefit delivery over time.

Winning the Support of the People That Matter
Getting key people in your organisation to approve, support or take action to ensure successful delivery

  • Create customised views of benefit maps so that people see and can add additional information & ideas to the area they are really interested in
  • Use on-screen comparisons to make it easy for decision makers to see the impact of selecting one way forward over another when there are options
  • Use map simulation to demonstrate the degree that outcomes and objectives will be achieved for each of your possible scenarios
  • Draw on the repository of data you will gradually build to provide the information that your stakeholders need to play their part in ensuring successful delivery
  • Build this data into customised or ‘in-house’ templates (including map views) that will make it easy for your stakeholders to undertake their responsibilities and actions
  • Capture all learnings, tips and tricks in the central wiki and keep teams current and motivated

Consolidating & Reporting Benefit Achievement Across Your Organisation
Creating, managing and reporting scorecards

  • Create and link your key benefits measures to enterprise and others, such as departmental scorecards
  • Create scorecards with multiple levels
  • Easily sum benefits by these levels e.g. global, regional and local levels
  • Control access to your different scorecards
  • Report on scorecard progress over time with graphs and information detail
  • Show how scorecards are constituted with pie charts and information detail

Tracking The Benefits
From centralised capture of progress to devolved input by your delivery teams

  • Set up simple and quick benefits check-in for easy capture of benefit actuals
  • Configure tracking forms so that people and teams get to view and/or input the necessary information
  • Control access so that sensitive information is seen by the right people
  • Use desktop and/or cloud platforms to suit your organisation
  • Set up automatic synchronisation for immediate update of RAG status on your benefit dashboards and maps
  • Set up e-mail alerts on certain conditions allowing early resolution of issues
  • On change of strategy or other circumstances, re-forecast the benefits and retain recent history

Tracking And Managing Performance Across Your Programme Portfolio
Creating a benefit model dashboard at portfolio level using the power of formulae

  • Use formulae with a benefit models to automatically calculate consolidated benefit measures
  • Create formulae for baselines, actuals and forecasts as well as for the threshold levels that determine your RAG status
  • Develop a complete benefit model dashboard for your programme portfolio – pulling in and consolidating data from all the programmes within that portfolio
  • Use portfolio model dashboard itself and/or develop further dashboards highlighting critical measures
  • Set up automatic synchronisation so that your dashboard updates and displays latest RAG statuses as soon as individual programme actuals are entered by programme teams and available on the cloud

Reporting With Confidence
Using a range of reports from simple benefits progress reports to customisable bubble charts and heat maps

  • Save selection criteria for frequently-used reports in ‘my reports’
  • Choose to report on only those measures you own
  • Choose from a range of reports for benefits progress from single to multiple benefits showing actuals, forecasts and/or variances
  • Choose reports based on all measures or on financial measures only · Select summary reports including measures over threshold and largest variance
  • Select reports that compare benefit attributes in the form of bubble charts and pivot tables

Providing Scalability & Flexibility
Benefit management & realisation to suit your organisation and culture. whether you are an SME, a larger corporate or a public sector organisation, Realisor can fit your needs now and grow with you into the future

  • Select the Benefit Realisation modules that are appropriate for your organisation at the time
  • Add extra modules as your organisation grows in confidence and maturity
  • Customise forms to make input, searching and reporting of information as simple or complex as you wish
  • Customise object profiles, such as a benefit measure, so that you can capture the data you really need to meet your tracking and reporting requirements and obligations
  • Use desktop and/or cloud platforms as appropriate to your situation – from centralised team to devolved use across many teams Control user access to limit menu options and functionality available to certain users and user roles
  • Use templates as bases for benefit models for ease of set-up and consistent use across your teams
  • Use the range of import and export functions to on-board existing data and pass data to other applications