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The Sound of Change

Making Change Happen By Bringing Your People With You

Once you have articulated your vision and defined your strategy, business model and road-map the hard work really begins. We support you through this critical early period of implementation. We coach and advise you on how best to listen to and involve your staff and front line teams, your customers, your partners and other stakeholders in the business. In particular we know how to help you create momentum and a real ‘buzz’ in your organisation. Something we call ‘the sound of change‘. We will show you how to achieve the sustainable changes in process, capabilities and behaviours that are essential to achieving your goals and making your business strategy work.

We have a great track record in working with organisations where the challenge is for busy front-lines teams to make change happen whilst still delivering the day-to-day priorities. In these circumstances achieving the right level of staff / employee engagement is difficult. Building high performance teams that embrace change on a day to day basis takes a high level of trust and a willingness to take a few risks and to allow some experimentation. The approach must be highly flexible and pro-actively supported and promoted by business leaders. It must also be focused on business outcomes not activities.

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If you are a UK public sector organisation either selling cloud-enabled services or looking at changing your business strategy to exploit cloud technologies you can now procure ‘Managing Cloud-Enabled Transformation via the government G-Cloud framework on the Digital Marketplace. Take a look at all four Felber Consulting services that can be procured via the Digital Marketplace.