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Felber Consulting will work with you to tailor the right package of services for your situation and budget.

Our Services

Client Intelligence

Do You Know Your Future Clients?

Finding the information that will allow you to focus searches in the most fertile and rewarding areas

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Tender Searches

What’s On Your Radar?

Helping you find the right public sector tenders from the multitude of sources available

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The Acid Test

Are You Fit To Bid?

Saving you time by providing you with an easy to complete checklist of essential information

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Collateral Development

Do You Have Winning Content? 

Creating high quality and compelling bid products that place you in the best light

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The Bid Lifecycle

Can You Navigate The Public Sector Procurement Course?

Helping you meet and, where necessary, exceed the standards of demanding procurement teams. Guiding you right from PIN (Prior Information Notice) though to BAFO (Best And Final Offer)

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Felber utilises comprehensive search tools in order to give you the best service we can and reduce the time you have to spend sifting through literally thousands of Public Sector notices from hundreds of Public Sector clients. In return for this Felber seeks to cover our cost whilst working with you, but make our profit when you win the business and deliver the project/service. Only then do we receive a percentage win fee of the contract value. This win fee is directly synchronised to your receiving payment profile from the client. FCL receive payment only when the client pays you, thereby making this a cost neutral experience for your company.

In some cases we will charge a market rate for bid support and take a reduced or no win fee at all. This will depend entirely on which model best suits your circumstances. There are many variables to a bid but generally, Public Sector tender responses are usually given between 4 and 6 weeks to respond to an advertised tender. This typically results in 3~5 days effort for each stage of the bid process for a basic bid; However, complex bids can take considerably longer.