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Government reform requires the deployment of scarce, highly skilled and valuable staff.

The UK has been setting up centres of expertise throughout the public sector. From the NHS to the MoD, organisations are deploying highly skilled and scarce civil servants in procurement, clinical disciplines, digital technology, financial analysis and other critical specialities into teams that can effectively, efficiently and collaboratively support reform.

Professional services and IT services organisations are being established that can rival better known private sector consultancies in terms of scale, capability, performance and sophistication. And like these organisations, their public sector counterparts are realising the importance of:

  • working together regardless of location and heritage organisation
  • enforcing policies and standardised approaches to sales, delivery, resource management, expenses, time-sheets and invoicing
  • accurate time recording and analysis to drive effective charging models
  • flexible resourcing for optimum customer service and improved staff development opportunities
  • real-time performance management of projects & teams
  • planning and forecasting to balance team capacity and a growing pipeline of work.

The recent arrival of SaaS software for professional services, such as Kimble, has made it possible for both private sector SME organisations and similar-sized government organisations to afford end-to-end automation. Kimble supports the life-cycle of teams’ engagements with their customer organisations: from the tentative discussions about putative projects through to the detailed planning of delivery, assignment of appropriately skilled individuals, the specification of contractual arrangements and cross-charging and invoicing.

Kimble allows managers to manage time and value during planning and execution, ensuring that budgets are easily managed as projects progress. Kimble also supports team / practice management with holiday allowance, skills profile maintenance, part-time work scheduling, management of contractors etc,

Take a look at a case study for the Government Internal Audit Agency to see how Kimble professional services management has been essential to supporting their transformation to Executive Agency.

To thrive ‘professional’ public sector teams need more than good process, methods and systems

They also need:

  • organisation that is fit for purpose
  • values and behaviours to support clearly articulated vision and strategy
  • effective communication at all levels
  • skills and confidence to develop and market their services to customers and stakeholders
  • ways of working well with the diverse range of SME partners and suppliers now being encouraged to bid for and to deliver government work.

Take a look at our case study for a central government department to see how how we helped teams develop and implement a transformation programme to address a number of these critical areas so that they could effectively deliver and support an increasing portfolio of Digital services for customers.

At Felber Consulting we combine our business transformation and professional services management capabilities (including Kimble implementation) to help you build highly-motivated, confident, ‘professional’ teams that are well-equipped to support the reform agenda. This is about supporting collaborative, efficient & ‘professional’ public sector teams.

We also assist SME organisations win and deliver Digital / ICT services into public sector programmes using our tendering & bid support and our P3M (portfolio, programme and project management) capabilities. So we know how to help government and SMEs work successfully together.

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