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Realisor 4 can help you achieve even more from your investment in change.

From capturing the narrative of benefit delivery for stakeholders, the co-creation of maps for collaborative working across teams and the real-time synchronisation of information, the latest version has introduced greater levels of interaction.

Along with major advances in the development of Realisor scenarios to support decision-making, that include both financial and non-financial information, Realisor 4 captures and then builds on what people are thinking.

The development continues with real-time synchronisation of performance status as well as new mail alerts for early detection of issues. With the introduction of corporate scorecards, formulae for automatic capture of consolidated information and improved reporting, version 4 is a sophisticated product.

Realisor can now support the most complex corporate requirement whilst ensuring micro, small and medium-sized businesses can easily gain a quick start with an entry-level benefit realisation approach.

See our page ‘So Whats New In Realisor Version 4‘ for further information on:

  • Co-Creating Benefit Maps & Collaboration
  • Choosing The Right Way Forward With Scenario 
  • Winning the Support of the People That Matter
  • Consolidating & Reporting Benefit Achievement Across Your Organisation
  • Tracking The Benefits
  • Tracking Progress Across Your Programme Portfolio
  • Reporting With Confidence
  • Providing Scalability & Flexibility, Benefit Management & Realisation To Suit Your Organisation and Culture

Contact us at Felber Consulting if you are interested in a Realisor demo … in the meantime do take a look at the latest 2 min Realisor video from Wovex.