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Your Professional Services & Consulting Partner

Our Way of Working

Ambitious Customers

We work with customers from micro and small businesses through to large enterprises and government departments. Our customers have the ambition to grow revenue, to improve delivery of services, to streamline operations or to invest in and lead successful change.

Consultants with Impact

We have a vibrant network of talented individuals who have worked with some of the most successful companies across the world. We can help you along the path to achieving your vision and strategy in a way that helps you focus on what is important; ensuring that you spend your valuable time addressing the right issues and exploiting your strengths. Our consultants are experienced, enthusiastic and committed and will always seek to challenge and give you an honest view of your business. By being your trusted adviser and working closely with your people and teams, we can have real and lasting impact on your business Meet some of our team.

Partners with Attitude

Right from its inception we at Felber Consulting have been determined to work with both aspiring and inspiring people. This applies to our customers, our consultants and also our partners. Our partnerships bring innovation and a complementary ‘edge’ to our services. They include two companies with two world class-leading applications, Kimble Applications (for Kimble professional services automation and Wovex (for Realisor benefit realisation), which in turn can give professional and ICT services teams a real edge with both their own staff and with their clients. We will always seek to partner where we believe our clients can gain benefit from a fresh perspective born from a deep understanding of their key issues and challenges.

Skin in the Game

We are results- and benefits-focused, ensuring that any engagement adds value for your customers, employees and investors alike. We pride ourselves on being an effective strategic partner, willing and able to work alongside your people and teams to achieve joint outcomes which motivate and inspire those involved. On some engagements we will link our rewards to your success, agreeing a proportion of our remuneration against the benefits you receive once the work is complete.

Leaving you the Key

We at Felber Consulting are committed to helping our customers build successful, enduring organizations, and ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved. We recognise that there is a balance between comprehensive delivery of a service and developing your own staff to become more proficient and self-reliant. We believe that customers who develop their own skills and confidence will become advocates and provide more challenging and interesting work in the future!

Professional to the Core

From the start, as well as our determination to work with interesting and stimulating people, we set out with the aim to have effective and professional internal processes and systems. We ‘take our own medicine’ and we use Kimble PSA to run our day-to-day business and Realisor benefit realisation to support decision making for ourselves and our clients from wherever we happen to be located. We will continue to drive quality and professionalism from within, from our systems to our website and social media presence. We have recently been working with WSI on a new flexible and highly responsive website that will allow us to rapidly update you with news, views and insights and will also be easy to read from the hugh range of PCs, tablet and phone now available.