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We have four services available on the Digital Marketplace. Take a look and Contact Us if you would like any more information.

Managing Cloud – Enabled Business Transformation (A Cloud Support Service)

Cloud-based technologies have given opportunities to ambitious organisations to introduce new services and enhance their own IT-enabled strategies. Felber Consulting’s proven Managing Cloud-Enabled Business Transformation service helps organisations understand and fully articulate the implications of their cloud-enabled strategy and most importantly helps them equip their people to successfully implement it.

Wovex Realisor Benefit Realisation (A Cloud Software Service)

Realisor (from leading provider Wovex) brings complete, practical benefit realisation solution enabling strategy, portfolio, programme and project management. Manage transformation and change for greatest value. Government best practice business case management. Capture business cases, map benefits, define/agree information, compare options/make trade-offs, track & report on benefits, monitor scorecards and collaborate.

Wovex Benefit Realisation Implementation & Support (A Cloud Support Service)

This Felber Consulting service provides planning, design, implementation and support of the right cloud-based Wovex benefit-realisation solution to move your organisation to a new way-of-working. It also provides training, user quick-start on-boarding, off-boarding and migration of services bringing you a low risk transition to benefit realisation from legacy/other cloud systems.

Kimble PSA Cloud Implementation & Support (A Cloud Support Service)

As part of the modernisation agenda Public Sector organisations continue to establish professional services teams to develop/spread best practice and deliver reforms. FelberConsulting’s expertise in both implementing cloud-based PSA application Kimble and in Public Sector reform helps teams develop, manage and understand their services, and improve customer service delivery.

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