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Understanding The Full Implications Of Your Vision and Strategy

It is not always easy to focus on strategy through the distractions of day to day activities and on-going projects. We help you to articulate your vision and to ensure that your strategy exploits your real strengths and addresses your comparative weaknesses. We help you to align this both to ‘business-as-usual’ activities and to the new programmes that will deliver your future business. We can help you to move from ‘strategy to reality’ using a lean and collaborative approach, typically lasting five to eight weeks and designed to maximize the quality of contribution from your top team.

Understanding the full implications of your strategy for all aspects of your business operations is the key to making your strategy work; the difference between success or failure. How mature you are as a business and how far and how fast your strategy requires you to increase that maturity is a critical consideration that requires careful thought and rigorous challenge. It’s not just the process and operational aspects that you need to consider, its often things like governance, communications, team behaviours, organisation and management of suppliers and partners that can be the most tricky. Moreover you need your people to really understand this, to be inspired and motivated by the vision and strategy and to be encouraged and supported into making change happen as a natural part of their day to day work. See the sound of changeour unique perspective on gauging the success of transformation.

You need to work with a consulting partner who will coach your own staff to become self-sufficient and confident, learning new skills that will enable them to design and lead successful change in support of your strategy on an ongoing basis.

This is how we work at Felber Consulting.

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If you are a UK public sector organisation either selling cloud-enabled services or looking at changing your business strategy to exploit cloud technologies you can now procure our service ‘Managing Cloud-Enabled Transformation via the government G-Cloud framework on the Digital Marketplace. Take a look at all four Felber Consulting services that can be procured via the Digital Marketplace.