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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You have spent the last 3 late nights reconciling incomplete time-sheets with invoices
  • You have had a tough time trying to persuade your top resources (yet again) to work at over 150% utilisation for the next 3 months
  • Billing is stalled as you are still working out how to invoice your client in 8 hour days despite your team being contracted to work 7.9 hour days (or 7.4 hours in Denmark!)
  • Your programme needs re-resourcing with miscellaneous contractors because your client has delayed by a month and you have lost your hand-picked team to another priority project
  • You are pretty certain that the client’s latest request is out of scope, but the sales guy who had the copy of the signed contract has left and you can’t actually find it …
  • The keen and clever trainee analyst that you have been nurturing has just been promoted. But how can you still afford her participation?

If it does, forming part of your experience of managing or advising Professional Services Organisations, and you want to be part of a growing, respected and mutually supportive team implementing a world class Professional Services Management (PSM) solution, then Contact Us or take a look at our advert on LinkedIn (Note: Advert No Longer Liver).

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