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Configuring Realisor To Your Needs

The Six Realisor Modules

Realisor comprises six modules: Mapping, Profiles, Scenario, Tracking, Reporting and Business Case Manager as well as a Collaboration layer:


  • Create and manage the basic data and maps that show how everything fits together in a highly visual way
  • Add important information to support management of risks, requirements, stakeholders and dependencies
  • Engage your different stakeholders with customised views to aid understanding, planning and decision making
  • Indicate negative impact on outcomes and benefits where this is appropriate


  • Create custom forms for your organisation to capture, agree and manage the detailed information on those objects that support your maps, including comprehensive benefit profiles
  • Build, manage and share information easily, quickly and efficiently, including via customised template in your ‘house style’
  • Create and edit with just the Profiles module in the cloud, although when combined with Mapping then a user can do much more


  • Build and compare different scenarios (what-if analyses) that allow you to assess the pace at which you build your capabilities and the degree to which these will achieve your target business outcomes
  • Assess the impact on expected RoI, NPV and the less tangible non-financial benefits
  • Use these to work with stakeholders to understand priorities and to agree trade-offs
  • Create plans and targets that stakeholders support and can then be monitored in Tracking


  • Capture actuals for benefit measures, costs and resources
  • Set up tolerance levels for monitoring variations against planned benefits achievement
  • Set up alerts and monitor early warning signs of emerging issues
  • Review progress and feedback in real time to dashboards and act to keep things on track
  • Use formulae in a portfolio model to consolidate and track results across a range of programmes


  • Gain insights on benefits performance using scorecards and analyses e.g. roll-up of forecasts, actuals and variances to corporate scorecards
  • Access different styles of report to understand status’s, exceptions and take corrective action


  • Share map views, objects and data with stakeholders to reduce risk to benefit delivery and cost
  • Extended functionality across a community of users with differing levels of involvement in benefit realisation

Business Case Manager

  • Monitor the progress of your business cases through the approval process
  • Capture information to support decision making at each stage
  • Create a central repository for all business cases and approved change programmes
  • Choose to model benefit of some or all business cases in Realisor

We will help you to choose the type and the number of Realisor modules that best meet the requirements of your organisation. Most importantly you can develop your benefit realisation skills over time. You can start off with a basic licence and the Mapping module and then add further modules such as Scenario or Tracking at the point at which you need them. The rate at which you move through the Realisor maturity levels will depend on what you are looking to achieve and the value expected from key stakeholders over time.

We will support you with training, coaching and mentoring so that you become proficient at using Realisor at the required levels over time.

The larger and more complex the challenge or you are seeking to address, or if you are working with a widely dispersed team, the more important will be the collaborative aspects of Realisor, allowing for example, multiple stakeholders to engage through shared views, to enter data via customised forms, to establish a central benefit bank, to create links to corporate scorecards and of course to access corporate reporting and dashboards.