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Earlier this year we sponsored a Benefit Realisation event alongside our partner Wovex as premier Wovex partner in the UK.

It was held on the morning of September 22 at St Pauls Cathedral in the beautiful surroundings the Wren Suite.

It was a great opportunity for attendees to learn and discuss why and how benefit realisation is being used by organisations to support change in this time of increasing business pressures.

The opening presentation was given by Jonathan Rees who has held various senior government roles such as Director-General of the Equalities Unit at the Home Office.

This was followed by a presentation from Kartik Ravel of Fujitsu who explained how Fujitsu have used benefit realisation over a number of years to drive successful outcomes for their customers.

Attendees also found out how benefit realisation (and specifically the Realisor tool) has helped organisations such as HS2, Highways England, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Syngenta. They were then able to follow up with those presenting at the buffet lunch afterwards. Many also took advantage of an excellent tour of St Paul’s Cathedral.

This was an ‘invitation only’ event with limited places so if you would like to attend any future events on this and/or related topics please contact us and let us know.