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A Winning Approach

Helping You Develop A Winning Approach

Having the right ‘route to market’ strategy and engaging effectively with your prospective customers in the form they prefer is a critical element for business success. This is a particular challenge for small to medium-sized organizations with an ambitious growth strategy. Although the UK Government is keen to encourage an increased spend with SMEs, navigating the Public Sector procurement processes can be daunting. Successful tendering can be seen as a dark art, rather than a matter of applying common sense, consistent process and exploiting best practice. Using our considerable experience of shaping and winning successful bids we help our SME, government and corporate clients win more business by targeting, researching, writing and presenting successful bids.

Services for SMEs

Felber Consulting have established a successful range of services to support SME organisations within the business development arena. To date our portfolio of companies include, care organisations, IT infrastructure companies, software developments companies, engineering manufacturing companies (power – UPS/generators), supply chain and maintenance companies within the fire sector, IT networks and communications organisations (defence & emergency services), 3D simulation design companies (defence), surveillance and security organisations and maritime ship building.

These services include reviewing a company’s readiness to tender within the Public Sector by working collaboratively with the SME in understanding their company vision, mission and strategy approach at the higher level, and by critically reviewing their ‘collateral’ at the granular level. Felber assist SME companies in the production of their mandated products and policies from an industry best practice viewpoint putting each product into the specific context of their company circumstances. In addition we help refine experience in the form of examples & references and balance the bid response with the most suitable example for the requirement in hand.

Once products are suitably robust and fit for purpose, Felber help identify appropriate opportunities within the Public Sector that the SME company can credibly bid for. A key feature of Felber’s service is risk/reward, so we never recommend submitting a bid unless there is a strong prospect of winning the opportunity. After all, unless the bid is successful we ourselves receive no profit, so we have a vested interest in every engagement we recommend. We want you to win !!!

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You can also contact us for more information or if you have completed our ‘fit to bid’ assessment and would like to talk about the results.

Having the capability to support your tendering and bidding through the right customer interactions and sales techniques is also critical to success. In addition to our own experience in this area we partner with Greenbank a leader in advance sales skills development and standards and approaches across the sales cycle.