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Your Professional Services & Consulting Partner

  1. Greater visibility of forthcoming projects and both their potential and actual effect on revenue, cost and resource utilisation
  2. Increased utilisation of professional resources and increased fee contribution from each billable resource
  3. Ability to create and enforce policies and standardised approached to sales, delivery, resource management, expenses, time-recording and invoicing
  4. Real-time feedback on the performance of projects and teams to plan
  5. Secure access via the Internet with infrastructure approved for Government use in EU/UK
  6. Shared data as the whole organisation is using the same information and there is no need for duplication. Everyone uses live data with controlled read and write access according to role
  7. Reduced administrative overhead saving of at least 1 head per 50 billable resources
  8. Use of a simple fool-proof GUI (via browser or smart phone) for employees to enter their time and expenses which reduces errors and avoids out of policy claims
  9. Increased margin (e.g. one 5000 person organization is projecting a 3% margin gain in their current financial year)
  10. Much more efficient month-end close – reduced from weeks to days – and a drop in aged debts

Felber Consulting are a major implementation partner as well as sales agent for Kimble. To date we have implemented Kimble for over 60 clients in 15 countries and territories.

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